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Warden of the Citadel is an Adult Video Game in the making, using the Unreal Engine 4. It is a 1st/3rd person fantasy RPG with a heavy focus on adult content, exploration, base-building, looting and player progression. 

You start the game as a young male, who had to flee from his home country after being persecuted as a criminal. By sea, you arrive to a new continent, and after initial struggles find yourself being appointed as Warden of the Citadel.
As Warden, you have to rebuild and refortify your Citadel, which serves as a gateway to the Underworld. The Underworld is where demons reside. Races of both Overworld and Underworld are in an eternal war. For that reason the Overworld decided to build the citadels - giant defensive structures - in order to repel any emerging demon raid.
As you become Warden, the citadel is in terrible shape. Your predecessor managed the place to the ground, most of the garrison disbanded and the dungeons are swarmed by demons.
You realize the impending threat of a new demon assault, and rebuild the citadel to its former glory. As a reward for your efforts you become the main power in the region and gather a following of loyal servants that obey your every command.

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Core Game Concepts

Adult Content

  • Gain Amity with NPC's and unlock adult activities
  • Give certain gifts to NPC's
  • Dress-up your servants
  • Recruit NPC's to live in the citadel as servants that obey your command
  • Utilize the citadel dungeons: make your prisoners talk!
  • Visit the red light districts


  • Open world with caves and dungeons
  • High Difficulty
  • Player learns the ability to switch between male/female player form
  • Customizable player look (male and female)
  • Citadel serves as player home-base that can be repaired and upgraded
  • Manage your own faction
  • Level-Ups and Skills
  • Gear-Upgrading and random Rarity-Tiers
  • Citadel Dungeons serve as difficult Endgame Content and offer the best loot
  • Various Unlockables: costumes, furniture, transformations
  • Character Amity System - Make NPCs like you through quests and gifts - then recruit them as servants
  • Economy that stays relevant throughout the whole the game: items can be crafted or dismantled for useful materials, many upgrades/unlockables that require gold


  • Many different races (humans, orcs, elfs, different kinds of demons, ...)
  • Plays mostly in a fantasy setting with occasional modern elements
  • Races have different technological advancements
  • World that is composed of the Overworld and the Underworld


Version 0.6.0_Public Windows 64-bit

Development log


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this game does genuinely seem like it might be a pretty interesting concept if it was executed properly. I would drop a couple bucks on patreon if there was really any content worth the 5 bucks at the moment, but as things are, I don't really see the reason for it. I'll definitely check back in a few months, though.

what kinda sexy stuff we talkin bout? any horny monsters and things in the world that want a piece of ya? lol

Yeah stuff like that is planned for the future, right now it's just some nudity. What I don't want to implement though is the whole "play bad on purpose to trigger adult stuff" thing.

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you can always go with making it so that you have to beat a zone in order to unlock the enemies doing dirty things to ya, so if you want that shit you need to get gud and clear them stages and what not, then you can write it as they are doing it as revenge or something.